About Me

Hey! I’m Jo, Joanna or Joey depending on who you’re talking to. Since I turned into an adult and things like Netflix and social media took over my spare time, I don’t read so much anymore. Add to that, a partner who doesn’t read and has no qualms with talking to me when I’m mid chapter and it’s just something that I lost.

But since mid 2018, I’ve been on a quest to read all the books! Or at least find the little girl who’s head was always stuck in a book. She’s in there somewhere.

And now I’m ready to step it up a notch. I’m not a hoarder of books. Life’s too short to read the same ones over and over (although there’s an argument against this when it some to Harry Potter!) I tend to pass on almost every single book I’ve read in the hope that they’ll spark the same joy in someone else. And the best way to get someone else to read a book you’ve read, is by writing it an honest review.

So this blog is a collection of my honest reviews. Thanks for coming along for the ride!