Confessions of a Forty-something F##k Up : Alexandra Potter

Title: Confessions of a Forty-something F##k Up
Author: Alexandra Potter
Pub Date: Jan 2021
No. Of pages: 506
Where I got it: ARC from Readers First
Time to read: 8 days
Quick review: This felt like Bridget Jones was being brought up to date
Genre: Women’s fiction
Stars: ⭐⭐⭐| 5


Forty-something Nell has just moved back to London from America, following the breakdown of her relationship with her fiancé, Ethan and business going bust.

She’s got to start over.

All her friends have moved on though. They’re happily married homeowners with kids and they’ve just got their shit together.

Desperate for work and a roof over he head, she finds herself renting a room off Edward, and writing obituaries.

When she interviews Cricket so she can write her late husband’s obituary, Nell finds herself striking up a friendship with Cricket. They help each other through the crossroads they both find themselves at.

What did I think?

This is a tough one. I didn’t not enjoy it. It was a nice light hearted read which is relatable in so many ways (even in my thirties). We’ve all been there where we’ve felt that everyone else has their life so much more in order than we do.

I really enjoyed the parts of the book and wish that there had been more focus on Nell’s podcast – I would have loved to have heard more about that and known what she was talking about and putting in them.

I feel like there was a lot going on in this book and whilst there were some really nice bits – I enjoyed her daily gratitude list and I LOVED her relationship with Cricket, there were so many clichés. Johnny, Annabel and Edward to name a few.

This book could have been a 5*. If only it had just focussed more on the podcast and taken away some of the stuff that’s so typical and samey of chick lit.

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