In An Instant : Suzanne Redfearn

Title: In An Instant
Author: Suzanne Redfearn
Pub Date: 1st March 2020
No. Of pages: 332
Where I got it: Net Galley, advanced read e-copy
Time to read: 4 days
Quick review: Beautiful and not what I expected from the blurb. Reminiscent of The Lovely Bones
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Stars: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 | 5


Finn, her family and close friends are off up into the mountains for a long weekend away. But it’s not long before tragedy strikes.

In an accident, sixteen year old Finn dies in an instant.

Told from her point of view whilst she is stuck somewhere in between the here and now and her afterlife, we see how others act in a crisis and in grief.

What did I think?

I’ve never read anything from Suzanne Redfearn so I went in with no expectations. But instantly I was hooked.

I honestly don’t want to say too much about this book because I don’t want to ruin it for others, but it was told beautifully.

First up – it passed my two bug bears test. It had short chapters and a great ending. Yay!

Now onto the other stuff.

I’m often overwhelmed with lots of characters, which this book does have, but I found it quite easy to distinguish between them all and their personal stories. All of the characters had enough depth for you to feel like they were real people and through Redfearn’s writing, I felt exactly how Finn would want me to feel about each of the people in her life. I loved Mo. I didn’t trust Uncle Bob. I felt her Mother’s pain.

The style of the writing in this book reminded me a lot of The Lovely Bones, however the plotline itself bears no resemblance. It’s a unique story in its own right.

I really would urge others to read this. It’s a great read and I felt so immersed in the story being told.