Guilty : Amanda Robson

Title : Guilty
Author : Amanda Robson
Pub Date : May 2018
No. Of pages : 395
Where I got it : The Works – 3 for £5
Time to read : 1 week
One sentence review : Great twisty thriller that keeps you guessing from start to finish!
Stars : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5

!!!TRIGGER WARNING!!! – contains  sexual harassment and rape as well as self-harm

Non-identical twins, Miranda and Zara have always been close. That is until Zara meets Sebastian and slowly, their relationship starts to break down.

The book begins in the present day. One of the twins, we’re not sure who, has just murdered the other one. We’re none the wiser to the events leading to the tragedy – all we know is that she acted in self-defence.

We’re then taken back into The Past with the story told from the viewpoints of Miranda, Zara and Sebastian with snippets of the The Present interspersed. These snippets offer clues to which twin has stabbed which, but just as you think you’ve sussed it, a new clue changes everything you thought you knew.

The book continues and at about 75%, you find out which twin has committed the stabbing and by this point you know all the events leading up to it. The chronology ties together and we follow the court case through to verdict.

What I loved
This book is great. Short chapters and pacey. It’s easy to differentiate between the twins and it’s really easy read.

Also, my big things with books of this genre are fulfilled.

1 – I got closure. All the ends are tied up nicely.
2 – It’s within the realms of possibility. I didn’t feel totally invested in a book that then when it got to the end, I was like, “Yeah, sure. Like that would ever happen!”

What I didn’t love
This book wasn’t “not-unique” but it felt a pretty average storyline. As a plot, it didn’t blow me away in the same respect as other recent reads that were REALLY original (for example, The Other You which I wrote about in a previous post).

Having said that, it was still a really easy read with a plotline I’d not read before.