Pop Sugar Reading Challenge 2020

So, the reading challenge from Pop Sugar has dropped today. This year I only really started doing it around about June and ticked off lots of books retrospectively and it’s (unsurprisingly) not really worked.

I’m really keen to get stuck into the one for 2020 though.

Initial feelings are there’s plenty of books on my “TBR” pile that I can “shoehorn” into the different themes.

Other thoughts are “what the hell is bildungsroman and the Bechdel test?”*

There are fifty different prompts here and I’ll be happy to achieve at least thirty of them. Because whilst I love a challenge, I do really love freedom of choice when it comes to reading.

First ideas about specific prompts include reading “How to Fail” by Elizabeth Day for the prompt of an upside down image on the cover and “Social Creature” for the book about social media.

What are your thoughts? Are you participating? Any favourite prompts you can already identify, and any top suggestions for books that fit the prompts?

I’d love to hear from you 🙂

* A “coming of age” novel and amount of female representation respectively if you’re interested!

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